Interested in attachment?

Are you a qualified psychotherapist or counsellor thinking about attachment in your clinical work? It might be that it makes sense in theory, but you struggle to apply it to clinical work with clients. Perhaps you have been wondering about how to identify the different attachment styles of your clients and how that might affect the way you work with them? Or you are reflecting on how your own attachment style affects the fit between you and your client?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, why not consider attachment based supervision? This could be as an add on to your usual supervision, or as your main form of supervision.

My approach

I have been working as an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice since 2009, and over that time I have greatly valued the support of my supervisor to provide optimal psychotherapy for my clients. When I started out as a trainee with my first client, I was nervous (nay, terrified!) of being supervised. I am pleased to say that my fears were completely unfounded - the supervision I received (and continue to receive) was supportive, encouraging, challenging when it needed to be, knowledgeable, respectful and compassionate. I feel privileged to have been supported to develop my own individual clinical style and autonomy through this process.

And now, I feel keen to support others in the same way I have been supported. To pass the baton on to other clinicians. Clinicians like you - who want to develop their skills and knowledge around working with attachment.

I work relationally, which means I recognise I bring my own subjectivity to the work, be that therapy or supervision. I love this definition of supervision because it captures how I think and work in a fantastic way:

Supervision is a “relationship about a relationship about other relationships”.

Fiscanlani (1997), cited by Fowlie, (2016)


To ensure I am properly qualified for this new role, I have begun a formal supervision training. As such, until qualified, I am offering supervision at a slightly reduced rate. My psychotherapy fee is £70-80 per session, whereas my supervision fee is £60 per session.

I feel face-to-face sessions are invaluable (although am not averse to occasional video or phone sessions if this is not possible). The frequency depends on whether this is your primary source of support or is extra to your main supervision. It also depends on your caseload - both the total number of clients you see and the complexity of presentations you work with.

Please be aware that in order to meet the requirements of my supervision learning process I need to record supervision sessions.

If you are interested, why not get in touch (via my contact page) to talk more?